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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: advocates say they are hopeful this measure will get passed because without it they say services for mental health, developmental disability services will be severely hampered. one in five, that's the number of people who advocates say at some point in their lives will have mental health or substance abuse issues. the community service helps. >> they are cutting funds everywhere, for mental illness, for everything. if we cut all the funds what are we going to do with our children, our young adults that are home? we're not going to put them back on the street again. just not going to happen. >> reporter: the health and community services act would raise alcohol taxes by a dime a drink in the state of maryland or roughly $3.30 per liter of alcohol. bar, restaurant and liquor store owners say it would cut into their bottom line raising
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prices an making people buy less. that in turn they say could cause jobs and lower state revenue as people do buy less alcohol. advocates say the cost of a state with fewer treatment and mental health services would be a lot more. >> it's not only the right thing to do from a humane point of view, it's much more economically beneficial. a deal for the taxpayer, not just the people who benefit from the services. services in the community are a lot less expensive than in hospitals. >> reporter: people who have had treatment say it saved their lives. and the value of it, to keep the services going, far exceeds the cost of incarceration and confiement to statement hospitals. >> it gave me low cost help with therapy, to see a psychiatrist, to receive the much-needed meds to keep me well so i can pursue recovery and connect with the community. >> reporter:ed >> reporter: --ed a voakdz say they think it has a good
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chance of passing because alcohol taxes haven't been increased in a long time. and this would raise in enough money to -- enough money to continue current service that's are being cut in the current budget. lawmakers in annapolis are tackling another hot-button issue tonight. same-sex marriage. dozens of people on both sides of the issue showed up for a public hearing in annapolis. if the measure passes our state would become the sixth state to recognize gay marriage. lawmakers have been discussing the issue for several years now. supporters believe it could pass and pass soon. we want to know what you think. it's tonight's hot topic. leave your thoughts on facebook. if you don't already "like" us go to and scroll down to the facebook page. did he leave the lid up? some say that would be a worse crime. tonight county police flushed out the facts in the commode caper. the man charged with leaving a toilet unattended in towson, in
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front of the old courthouse. the county executive, 51-year-old dwayne saves, known -- davis. the bomb squad was called out and found it harmless but in court today you heard davis tell the court the thieves are not -- pieces are not meant to be bombs but physical pieces of art and he's left them all over the city. sure enough jeff hager found one in front of the school board headquarters on north avenue. davis was supposed to attend his mother's funeral tomorrow but the judge says he's staying put in jail tomorrow charged with leaving a destruct stiff device and making a false statement. a mistrial at a dog burning trial. two teens were not convicted of setting a dog on fire in 2009. the mistrial declared after three days of deliberations. jurors couldn't decide if the twin brothers committed animal abuse. kelly swoope has been following
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the fallout. kelly? >> reporter: folks over at the baltimore animal rescue say the mistrial won't stop them from raising awareness of animal abuse. they say while this case didn't lead to a conviction they feel like it brought a stoplight to an issue that they feel deeply about. several organizations donated money for a reward in the case and if never awarded barcs says it will be used to help other abused animals. they say because of this case the mayor's conviction on animal abuse has been formed and it's taken seriously now at a national level. >> she's the catalyst for change in baltimore city. not only awareness for the public but also helped our government to recognize we need to make change more official. >> many people are now wondering if the state's attorney's office will retry the case. we will let you know when and if that happens. kelly swoope. back to you. on super bowl sunday there was a vince lombardi from
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maine arrested. a man named aaron rodgers around here, police arrested others for dui. 42 drunk drivers were arrested and issued 3, 000 citations and warnings. there was one deadly crash late sunday. however, it doesn't look like alcohol played a factor in this. on the run tonight, a man who police say knocked off a bank on ambassador road in woodlawn. here's a look, detectives say he walked up to a teller at the m&t bank on ambassador road on february 3rd, pulled out a gun, demanded money. the teller gave the man cash, walked out. look at the screen. everybody should know him. somebody out there recognizes this man and call police, call metro crime stoppers now at 1-866-7-lockup. the fans are picking up the prison tab. $20 million going to go for two minimum security state prisons in jessup. the u.s. marshal service gets exclusive use of the former supermax prison for housing federal prisoners awaiting
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trial. the state says this is a win/win situation, priewches use for an existing -- proves use for an existing building and space for inmates about to get their freedom. weatherwise out there today, it was a windy blustery kind of day across maryland. the kind of day that remiles per re-- reminds is february is still winter. it will be cold tonight. look at the wind gusts at the top of the hour, a few minutes ago, we had a peak gust coming down a bit in baltimore. 21 miles per hour as opposed to over 30 an hour ago. many spots have gusts to 30. hagerstown 31. and nearly a 30 mile-per-hour gust in ocean city, a gusty day on the beach at 30. satellite and radar pretty quiet. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, in fact, just a few flurries out to the west part of the state. look at the wind chills. that wind whipping and temperature down around 38. feels like teens, 20. single digits in hagerstown, with that wind. good news, just breezy tomorrow but winds let up overnight. we're up to 35 by 4:00.
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and late tomorrow evening we could actually see a few more snow flurries around here, big storm passing just south of us. we're going to talk about what that will mean for you in to thursday morning. and look at a big warm-up on the way coming up. spin, dry and send. clorox and your p.o. there's a new option for people needing to use the post office to send letters or packages in baltimore. a new contract postal unit is now open at openy's laundromat and dry cleaning on light street. you can do nearly all the same things you can do at a full post office, same price. we're cheering. this february we're revamping our series "maryland's cold cases" with a new case every week. tonight it's about susan fallin. she was killed almost 38 years ago. susan studied pharmacy at college park. on the morning of october 3, 1973 she left for class. she was found the next night dead in a burning car. in a rural wooded area about 30
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miles from college park. her old schoolmate was a police cadet at the time. it was his first homicide investigation. >> it was kind of a numbing feeling, there you are wanting to start a career as a police officer and then the neck thing you know, a person that you knew had been murdered. >> susan fallin's case tonight at 11:00. megan pringle tells this story tonight. you might have been -- you might have a missing clue that could help police crack the case. congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues to amaze us everyday she recovers at a rehab center in houston, but we have our own miracles to tell in baltimore. today, we went over to levindale to see what the road to recovery looks like. if you're texting and watching videos and listening to music, something is going to cost you. the bill is in the e-mail. >> weather watch today. 39 degrees at bwi marshall. our 2-degree guarantee was actually 36.
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all new at 6:00 -- congresswoman gabrielle giffords is making a remarkable recovery at a rehabilitation facility in houston, texas. she suffered a traumatic brain injury after she was shot in the head during that political meet and greet. in baltimore the specialty hospital at levindale offers
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the same type of service and treatment that the congresswoman congresswoman undergo. and sherrie johnson talked to the patients and doctors there. >> reporter: it started as a beautiful day in tucson, arizona. and ended in tragedy. congresswoman gabrielle giffords gunned down, shot in the head. after days in the hospital she was transferred to a rehab facility in houston where she's recovering from a traumatic brain injury. here in the baltimore area a patient gets treatment for brain injuries at the specialty hospital at levindale. >> we bring in patients that have stroke or traumatic brain injuries. we have them back to the best possible level of care that they can obtain. they may not make a full recovery but we usually get folks back to the most optimal level they can possibly get to. >> reporter: jim suffered a massive stroke in 2002 causing a traumatic brain injury. she has to learn how to walk, talk, eat and care for herself
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all over again. she still has physical therapy sessions but has come a long way. >> when i sit back now and think about, it was them that helped me out a lot. many a time. many times i felt like i couldn't do it, but i thought maybe i would run away but my legs didn't let me do that. >> reporter: specialty hospitals offer lepghtsy stay and intensive therapy which can take months, even years, and stipes the patient can change -- sometimes the patient can change. >> it's difficult for them. there could be personality changes, behavioral changes. family goes to a grieving process because they may have lost the person that they know and they love. and it's a new normal for the family. a new normal for the patient. >> reporter: she's excited to finally begin to rebuild her life and experience the things
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she loves most like dancing and she has this advice to congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> get your strength back together again. and just keep on fighting. you'll get there. >> reporter: sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> how about that. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in therapy at a rehab hospital in houston. doctors recently upgraded her condition from serious to good. doctors say the congresswoman remains unable to speak or stand on her own. just about everybody either has or wants a spartan phone these days -- smartphone these days. you can do many things, you can call someone, too. now that they are so popular experts say you can expect to see bills go up. you may want to look at your bill now and really decide which plan works for you. research shows that many people use the data plan more than they realize. and spend more than $300 a year in extra charges. and also fees. now to a way that you can
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save some of that hard-earned money. tonight, a tip that one of you, our facebook friends, melissa, says every time you come across one of the older $5 bills put it in a jar. we're talking about the ones with only two colors on them. with the fives you're much less likely to miss them than you would a 10 or 20-dollar bill. the savings can really add up. we've got all our tips waiting for you at if you have an idea, let us know. just "like" us on facebook. and submit your saving at 6 tips. a breeze out there. >> yeah, man. how long will it last? >> whipping out there. well, it's beginning to let up now. just in the last hour. i think a couple of more hours. and we'll just be breezy, not so much the powerhouse winds.
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>> 72 is coming? >> not 72 but we'll get a chance at 60. for valentine's monday nonetheless. how's that? >> beautiful. >> good timing. let's look outside. up in of that tonight though. we're in week two here. 31 degrees at bwi marshall and feeling much colder than that with that gusty northwest wind. let's show you time lapse shots, weather rapidly flying over the state today. this is six hours and six seconds. you see skies clearing off nicely towards sunset in annapolis. those clouds moving out in mount airy and carroll county today. beautiful-looking sky but man, the winds were just whipping out there. and clouds really moved rapidly on days like this. the surface winds around 50 and aloft winds well over 100 miles per hour. that really makes the clouds whip around. look at this, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, all clear now. we've got just a little bit of
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light precipitation just south of i-66, west of washington. those are light snow flurries though, really of no consequence. wind gusts have been very powerful through the day. quieting down a little now, gusting 28, 30, 21. not exactly the wind we had earlier which was closer to 50 miles per hour at times today. but the temperature keep dropping. we'll eventually be down to 20s and teens tonight. even though the winds are lighter, still a fierce wind chill factor as the winds let up, the temperature keep dropping. so wind chills still in the teens in frederick and york. low 20s from annapolis back through cambridge. tomorrow, less windy but another day in the low to mid-30s in many spots. parktop, inner harbor, 37 or so. further south and you may get a little closer to 40. problem is we have a new storm pushing in by tomorrow night. that is going to hold temperature down we think on thursday before we finally warm up big time for the weekend. a few clouds passing through the state.
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next storm beginning to brew out toward colorado. dipping into texas and intensifying. behind this cold blast. wheel what we'll notice is, as we go into tomorrow afternoon the storm gathering strength. down over the southern states. at this point in time the track, keeping it just south of maryland. overnight wednesday into thursday morning. this will be a headache, if it shifts a little further north, possibly a slick commute thursday. right now looks like it's going to be a situation for richmond, virginia beach, raleigh-durham, and charlotte, not so much in baltimore. tonight, 15, bitter cold but not as windy at least. tomorrow, breezy but not the powerhouse winds of today by any stretch. 35, cold day, below average but still better than it was today. 22 tomorrow night. possibility of a couple of flurries flying overnight toward thursday morning. but again we think the bulk of the snow is going to remain south of us. just south of us, richmond on down. and your 7-day forecast, look at the warm-up. saturday 45. 52 sunday we push 60 on
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valentine's day. here he is. we've been waiting for it all week and now it's finally time. we have a winner for the tickets to justin bieber's new movie. again we asked you to upload a picture. we have hundreds of pictures here to show us you're the biggest bieber fan. the winner tonight, does she look familiar? danielle miller of baltimore. look at the justin bieber posters. i take this as her bedroom. look at the magazines here. there she has a big justin bieber face. danielle miller of baltimore, just won tickets to tomorrow night's showing. you can see a picture by going to and click on justin bieber contest. get to the link an click on winners to find danielle's picture. off chance to vote on the
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picture you love most and who is the biggsest fan. danielle, enjoy the show and thank you to everybody who submitted a picture. we'll do this again. danielle miller from baltimore is the winner. she'll see "never say never." kelly? here's a look at what is coming up tonight at 11:00. have you had your chipotle bruteo lately? federal investigators have and tonight they are cracking down on a popular mexican food chain that employed illegal imgrants. plus, it's a taste of death. you don't hear that everyday. a man stabbed and killed by a rooster. hear the illegal activity that led to the bird being armed. that and the forecast tonight at 11:00. let's see how the drive home is going. on the beltway at providence road. we have a bunch of boy scouts come through with their trip to a tv station. did you know that today the boy scouts were founded 91 years ago?
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and leaves a light, fresh scent. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. the winds whipping us all day. they are lightening up now but temperatures headed southbound in the teens tonight. let the pipes drip. winds around 10 to 15. gusting a little higher.
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germantown, 20 mile-per-hour wind. these are live weathernet sites statewide. hour by hour tomorrow though, climb out of the 20s, into the 30s. it will be a less windy day. breezy but not the winds that we had today. i think it will feel a little nicer out there. >> notice the sunset. later and later. >> 5:37. we like that. i'm telling you, by this weekend you're going to think it's an early spring. you'll be agreeing with the groundhog. that's all for us on news at 6:00. we'll see you back at 11:00. world news is next.
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